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The Spring,Summer and Fall are the nicest times of the year to be in Jerusalem. The weather is great and the city is full of activities! It includes many of the Jewish Holidays. There is PLENTY to do just about 24 hours a day. Jerusalem hosts many festivals and activities geared to all ages.
 Half the fun of staying in Jerusalem is exploring the city and its many neighborhoods either by yourself or with many of the walking trips available.
 Here you will find a list to many of the activities that will be held in Jerusalem this spring and summer. They will be located in many parts of the city in public parks, the streets, museums and other locations. Some are free to the public and some will need advance reservations and tickets.
We are sure that this schedule will help you find some great things to do while you are staying in Jerusalem! By clicking on each location or activity you will be able to see a schedule of activities(when possible in English)  and get more information!    
So Enjoy You Stay In Jerusalem!!!!
Beit Avi Chai
List Of Activities
The Begin Center
The Israel Museum
The L.A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art
Tikkun Leil Shavuot
The Israel Festival
Design Week In Jerusalem
National Hebrew Book Week 2017
Jerusalem Opera Festival
Jerusalem Light Festival
Jerusalem Film Festival
Jerusalem Beer Festival
Israel Wine Festival At The Israel Museum
Hutzot Hayotzer Arts And Crafts Fair
Free Walking Tours In Jerusalem
         (On Shabbat Only)
Sponsored By The Municipality Of Jerusalem
City Of David
David’s Citadel (Tower Of David)
The Western Wall (The Kotel)
Public Parks In Jerusalem

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