S.M.             TUCSON, AZ.

Despite a rough start to my stay, I feel very good about it and really liked the apartment location very much.  I still wish there was not so much street noise and that the TV was in the living room, but the apartment was very convenient to the two bus lines (19 and 32) I used, and being further down the hill meant more exercise for me, which is good.
My daughter may be attending Tel Aviv University next academic year.  She’s already been accepted to one Masters program there and is applying to another.  Or she might be doing some kind of internship.  Or maybe she’ll stay in the US.  Things remain to be seen.  Do you help people find apartment in the Tel Aviv area?
I rarely stay put in one place, so I don’t know if I’ll have need for an apartment again.  But I will certainly be in touch if I do and certainly will recomment you to everyone I know.  I will be back in Israel in November and my pattern of visits, which has been twice a year for the past three years, might change if my daughter studies here for a whole year.
Shabbat Shalom.  Have a wonderful Pesach.  And thanks for your cooperation.