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Jerusalem is a large and modern city! Today, Jerusalem is BLESSED with many options for doing your shopping. Depending on where you are located, what you are shopping for, different shopping areas will meet your needs.
There are many shopping centers spread throughout Jerusalem. Some are local neighborhood shopping centers, where you will be able to  find supermarkets, grocery stores, candy stores and many other small businesses catering to the local community.
The main shopping districts, where most of the large chains of stores are located are in Talpiot,the Malcha Mall and Givat Shaul.
 The Mamilla Mall is a great center,but only for restaurants,clothing and certain other items and not for general day to day needs.
Talpiot is huge and contains many shopping centers. There is NOTHING you won’t be able to find there. It includes the Hadar Mall and many others. There are many supermarkets and stores for everything you could possible want or need. For a most of your needs, it will be the best place to go. Most of the shopping centers will have parking.
The Malcha Mall is Jerusalem’s number one shopping center. All the major chains are located there. It also has a large supermarket.
In Givat Shaul there are many clothing stores and supermarkets. It is a good location to find fine Judaica. As you stroll through the neighborhood, you will find virtually everything you could need. It is also where Angel has its main bakery and you can get freshly baked goods right out of the oven in its store located on the premises.
 There is a nice shopping center in Ramot, located right off of Golda Meir Boulevard. It’s a very family friendly shopping center.
 However, no stay in Jerusalem can be complete without shopping in Machane Yehuda. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Spices, Freshly Baked Goods,Housewares!! There are even boutiques,restaurants,Judaica in the shuk! It’s great fun at any time. Thursdays and Fridays or before the holidays Machane Yehuda is packed with people doing their shopping.
Another great location is the Geula neighborhood where you will find great prices on many things. There are lots of great shops for excellent take out food and fantastic bakeries with great Challahs and incredible cakes!  There are many stores located in the area for Judaica, books and other religious items you might want.
 Before Sukkot, you will want to check out the “Shuk Etrogim” where you will be able to buy a Lulav,Etrog,Hadassim and Aravot. They are a number of locations where there is a Shuk, mainly near Machane Yehuda, in Geula and Mea Shearim. There is also a small Shuk located near the “Shtiblach” located in the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood near Rechavia.
 Before Passover, there are a number of Matzah bakeries where you can get hand made Shmurah Matzot right from the oven! There are many!
There is one of particular interest located on Ussishkin Street near Bezalel Street. It is owned by the Habbah Family which own one of the largest bakeries in Machane Yehuda and has been in existence at this location for more than 70 years!
Here are a few tips for shopping in Jerusalem!
 -SUPERMARKETS IN JERUSALEM DELIVER!! You will need to take certain items with you such as eggs,but everything else will be delivered. Make sure that when you go to pay to tell the cashier that you want a delivery and ask when they will be delivering in your neighborhood. You will need to be home to accept the delivery. It’s accepted to tip the delivery people.
-Many of the takeout stores, such as in Geula and other areas will also deliver,especially if you have a large order. You can arrange a time for the delivery with the store, but be sure to be home when it’s delivered since it is prepared food and you don’t want it to spoil. Be sure to check and be sure you received everything your ordered! Also be sure that if the order is for Shabbat or a holiday that the delivery is for a reasonable hour both for your convenience and as a courtesy to the business owners that are most likely to be religious themselves.
 -When you make a purchase in  a store, be sure to check its refund or exchange policy. It’s important so that you will not have any surprises!
-Parking near Machane Yehuda is not easy. If you are close by it is easier to walk there and if you are not that close go by public transportation. It’s worth investing a few Shekel in a “Shuk Wagon” where you can put your purchases. They are not expensive and will save you carrying lots of bags!
If you have any questions about shopping in Jerusalem let us know!


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