Why Rent Your Apartment

Kosher Vacation Apartments
Do you have a  furnished or unfurnished, uninhabited and underused apartment in Jerusalem?  According to reports, more and more homeowners in Jerusalem are renting their uninhabited and underused apartments. Why? Changes in the laws covering the Arnona tax you pay to the municipality for an uninhabited or underused apartment will TRIPLE   making it expensive to maintain!!
Also, an empty apartment means that all the expenses are on you!
Offering your furnished or unfurnished  apartment as a short (meeting the minimum requirements of the new laws) or long term rental will help you cover costs and avoid the higher fees  for your Arnona and cover most if not all of your monthly maintenance expenses!
Jerusalem Apartment Rentals has a large and very select clientele, mainly from overseas, that are looking to rent an apartment just like yours! Our clients are singles, couples and families coming to stay in Jerusalem for a number of days to a number of month; even a number of years and are looking for rental apartments in all Jerusalem neighborhoods. Most of our clients are Shomer Shabbat and need apartments with kosher kitchens.
At Jerusalem Apartment Rentals we are native English speakers and Shomer Shabbat Jerusalem residents, with a vast knowledge of the city. We provide prompt, friendly and professional service to Jerusalem homeowners. Jerusalem Apartment Rentals will find the right “Shidduch” for your Jerusalem property.
Feel free to contact us by using the form located below. We can also be contacted by telephone here in Jerusalem at 052-977-9191, from overseas at 972-52-977-9191 and from the USA at 1-718-841-8020 (not on Shabbat or Jewish Holidays) and by email at jerusalem.apartment.rentals@gmail.com.


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